4th July 2012

6.04 am – On the train into Brighton.  Mysore in the shala.  Looking forward to it : )

8.05 am  – Drinking tea in a coffee shop.  AHHHH – yoga was glorious!  Got a lot of adjusting in Trichonasana.  Not sure what I was doing wrong, but felt very shaky and nearly fell over.  She helped me with my forward folds, releasing my lower back.  Felt amazing!  In Chaturanga I’m to hold my weight at elbow height before “riding the wave” because my shoulders are getting bunched up and might cause problems later.

Thought it was all going rather well, feeling a little bit lighter today and breathing was good, and then I got asked that dreaded Mysore Ashtanga question.  It was just after my hippity, hoppity jump-through, which is a rather fun adjustment to help me get from step to jump through in my vinyasas.  Its to strengthen my core and arms.  In time…I assume…my feet won’t press against the mat at all…they’ll just lift and float through like a JEDI!

Until then, I hippity-hop, and then I heard that quiet, kind voice, “Who were you with before?”

Even though it was said in the least leading way possible, it’s still quite possibly the most weighted “mysore” question in the world.  It has any number of connotations…

1) “WOW, who were you with?” Aka – amazing!  Check out that nifty little adjustment!

2) “OMG, who were you with?” Aka – what the hell is going on there?  Sigh…can see I have a lot of stuff to un-teach; OR, and most likely….

3) “You were with someone?”

I instantaneously felt proud, protective and paranoid.

9-10 am – wandering about in the rain, waiting for the library to open.

10 am – settled into a maladjusted chair, disregarding the intricate booking in systems.  JOBS!  JOBS!  JOBS!  Slow internet, but how heart-warming it is to see the place so busy.  Still can’t quite get my head around the fact that the 6 books in my bag are free for me to read!  It’s like a non-virtual search engine.

10.30 am – old man yelled at me…”Can YOU stay on YOUR side!!  I’m trying to do something!!!”  Sympathetic stares from an otherwise polite group of fellow job-seekers.

11 am – Kicked off the computers for any number of reasons….the old man, not booking in….the assistant buyer role for Anne Summers I was looking at, “SEX TOYS” and “dare to unleash your talent” glaring across the screen for all to see…

Little bit grumpy.  Have got better at filtering, but essentially the process is still just as laborious.

Another wander, rain has stopped…let’s go outside…Ahhhh, what’s this?

A hard-back copy of The Wonders of Brian Cox, the unauthorised biography of the man who brought science to the nation.

I find a park-bench near the Brighton Pavilion, open the cover, and low and behold, there in simple print:

I laughed out loud, and let myself fall into the world of Brian Cox – a man who, against the odds,  followed his dreams.