Still buzzing from the heroics of close friends I fling open the curtains, roll the mat out, bypass meditation…far too energised to sit still for an hour…and launch into my Om and Ashtanga song.  Getting quite confident until I get to “jangalikayamane” where I just can’t seem to get all the syllables out with any sense of rhythm.  Pick it up again, until the next stumbling block, “pran…an…an…, or mi???”

Om.  Right.  Close my eyes, let the chipper Monday morning voices run away with silly thoughts for a bit…now breathe in.  Raise hands above head, look up to thumbs, fold forward, breathe out.  Ahhhh….nothing quite like that first forward fold.  Body popping and creaking but invigorated as blood starts to rush about.  Cheeks flushed a healthy pink, breathe in, look up.  Now, I could jump back…I have the energy…but have a long practice ahead of me, so I step back instead, breathing out as I lower my body into plank, shoulders burning ever so slightly, nose almost touching the floor.  Mulah Bandha, mulah bandha, Prem’s voice echoes through my practice still.  I rock gently on my palms and feet before lowering my upper body and riding the wave up into upward facing dog.  Slowly, slowly, head stays level until your back is fully arched, and then, you roll your head back.  Chest expanding, shoulders sloped, oxygen bursting  through you, fold back into downward-facing dog, breathe out.  Hips up, back straight, palms flat, angled ever so slightly to the corners of the room, heels sinking, sinking…ahhh, there they go, making that reassuring contact with the mat.  Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out, I see how my body feels, whether its light and opens quickly, or stiff and a bit heavy…today its neither.  Just plain steady.

Despite the insurgence of inspiration very little has changed in my practice.  Head is creeping slowly closer to the floor in Prasarita Padottanasana, leg slowly straightening in Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana balance maintained as I extend my leg to the side and look over my other shoulder.  Marichyasanas are still a buggar!  Breath gets sharper, heavier, deeper, can feel the fire in my stomach, start to sweat.  Organs are being wrung out.  Hell of a way to start the day.  I get closer to my nemesis – Bhujapidasana.

“Today is the day!”  I whisper to myself as I get through, a very shaky post-navasana vinyasa, and prepare for…wait for it…wait for it…bloody Bhujapidasana.

Thighs wrapped around forearms, palms pressed firmly into the ground, I shuffle my feet closer together, elbows pressing out, thighs pressing in, hips opening, core muscles trembling, breathing breathing…I lift my feet off the ground, rocking, rocking…have I got it, have I got it???


Crashing to the floor, arse on display, fuck it!

Vinyasa flow disrupted entirely, I take some time to attempt it again, and again.  Break the pose down, step by step, breath by breath, and patiently get there.  Feet off the floor, I rested on my elbows for 10 seconds, shaking all over.  I’m doing it, I’m doing it!!!  And then, AHHHH, back to the floor in fits of laughter.

Perhaps today is not the day, but with time and patience I’ll get there : )

“Practice and all is coming” – Sri Krisna Pattabhi Jois (1915 – 2009)