I’ve written a lot over this past week or so.  Vipassana, Ayurveda, Ashtanga…such a mish-mash of techniques and experiences, but if there’s anything I’ve learnt over these past few months, its how interconnected everything is.  I’m on day 7 now of my strict ayurvedic diet, and it’s not just my health that’s improving.  Its everything.

I’ve purged a lot, still purging in fact.  There’s a lot to come out when you spend the majority of your life keeping a lid on things.

Head is clearer, heart is lighter, limbs are leaner…I can feel myself again.

Yoga’s better…in fact, my asana practice has reached a new high.  Not in terms of physicality – flexibility, strength, and the likes – but in terms of focus and enjoyment.  I’m loving my practice at the moment…absolutely loving it!

Meditation is deeper.  Calmer.  Longer.  I feel connected to things.  To nature…to people.  Its something I’m tentative of sharing for fear of coming across as some sort of new age dick…but fuck it…that’s exactly what it is.  I skyped one of my yoga friends from Koh P earlier today…”are you feeling more sensitive?”  YESSSS!!!!  She said.  And what a relief it was, to be able to share and laugh about it.  Sometimes I feel that maybe I’m going a little bit crazy.  My entire belief system of 29 years, deconstructed.  But how much better I feel for it…how alive.

There’s a lot of love inside me.  When I do my metta meditation at the end of my practice I can feel all this momentum and energy.  Its stronger than its ever been.

My circumstances haven’t changed in this past week, but I’m peaceful again.

I won’t write anymore for a couple of days.  I think I’ve been purging on that front too.  This weekend I travel to London, and see my brother and sister-in-law for the first time this year.  Celebrate the fact that in 11 short weeks, new life will emerge…I will be an aunty!

Loving kindness to you all!  May all beings be happy.

L x