The remedies are starting to churn my stomach.  For the first 24 hours it was all a bit new and exciting, now I’m a little bit reluctant.

Coriander Water – LOVE IT!  So refreshing.  Will remember that for the future…

Half-way through my morning mix:

It’s really bitter and strong, burns the insides of my mouth and gives me the hiccups.  Definitely doing something to my stomach.

The doctor said that with the excess in Pitta it’s caused a big influx with my natural constitution, bringing out all the negative symptoms of all of them.  So in effect, I’m in the midst of a dosha storm…and its the Pitta right at the centre of it, its eye, stirring everything up.  If I can bring the Pitta down, then the rest of me should slowly fall back into place, and I can enjoy the positive sides of my constitution.  I wonder what that will be like?

Have done a little bit of reading and its around Agni – digestive fire, and the build up of Ama – toxins in the digestive tract that accumulate and eventually enters into the circulation of the body.  So I’m getting the impression, from the reading and my initial bodily response to the remedies, that I’m in the process of eliminating a whole bunch of Ama!

Trips to the toilet are frequent, and unceremonious.  Emotional outbursts brewing.  Hips (where I seem to store almost everything) were burning up last night, and then this morning the right side has begun that familiar throbbing sensation.

In terms of my practice.  I haven’t done much asana over the past week or so.  I’m not feeling very strong in my body, and my sinuses are so blocked up that I just can’t breathe, particularly in down-dog and forwards bends.  So taking a look at the opening sequence of the primary series – you can see why this is causing me a bit of a problem.  Remembering of course, that you hold each posture for 5 breaths…so that’s approximately 160 NON-breathes in the first 10 minute warm up (Suryanamaskara A and B).  So I’ve decided to use the John Scott video to motivate me.  Am just practicing Beginner’s Level A – which is warm-up and half the standing postures, and just taking each day as it comes.  It’s as a stark reminder of how fundamentally important the breath is to yoga practice…

On a more positive note,breathing whilst sitting cross-legged on a cushion is proving less traumatising..and my meditation is going well.  I sit for an hour in the evenings, just before my night remedy, and last night there was absolute silence.  I felt I was getting deeper into my practice and starting to make contact once again with the sensations that were coming to the surface at the end of my meditation retreat…ones I didn’t get a chance to fully experience and let go.  It will be a much longer process, working through stuff in meditation in a day-to-day practice, and I’m beginning to consider going back into retreat before the end of the year…but as a Dhamma Server.