This morning I could remember the names of my most recent conquests (poses that is…) Marichyasana A, B, C and D.  When I get to it I think of a Mariachi band, sombrero and giant moustaches, a little guitar clutched beneath my arm, or Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis – Moriarty.  For some reason his name triggers my memory…perhaps its because the poses are all about transfiguring yourself into a right old bind.  But when it came to actually remembering what the poses were, I had a bit of a panic.  I looked online this morning, but its impossible to tell what’s what, and where the whats what begins, ends, and ties into whatever else what.  And throw in a couple of modifications, to accommodate those tight hips of mine, oh, and I think I’ve identified where my next hurdling block is going to be – the chest, and it was impossible to tell.

I felt a bit like a kid going into school for a test, who didn’t have a chance to study.  “Wes, Wes!”  I hissed across the room…”Moriarty, I mean Marichyas.assas..ana,” moving my hips, temporarily distracted by the colourful Mariachi band playing in the background, “what’s the order?  I can’t remember.”

He walked up to me, serious as could be.  “It’s D, A, C, B.  Just remember that ok.  D,A, C, B”

Ha ha!  NO – Seriously!  I pleaded.

“D,A,C, B…” the door closing unforgivingly behind him.

Thankfully Jo took pity and stood over me before everyone settled onto the mats.

A – I know that one.  Right leg bent, foot firmly planted alongside the hip, left leg stretched out in front,  breathe in, stretch right arm up and forward, hook your shoulder behind the knee, twist your arm behind your back, and clasp your outstretched hand with the left.   Oh, and then lean forwards.  Breathe – 5 breaths.

B – Can’t do lotus.  Modify.  Which leg does what???  AHHHH!  Ok, ok, Jo reassures me…same as before.  Right foot, planted firmly alongside right hip.  No back a bit, back a bit (Radha corrected me later on…), but this time left foot pulls in closely to and beyond the groin.  Bind again, in the same way as before….lean forward, lean forward…no Laura lean forward.  Aren’t I?  Poor Radha was tugging on my hand pulling it towards her, and bless my hips, back, chest….whatever it is, I don’t even know anymore in this pose, I wasn’t going anywhere.  Right.  Lean – 5 breathes, then bind.  I’ll get there….

C – Hmmmmm.   C.  Mariachi band in the background.  Will they notice if I just do B again….Prem spots me.  “C?”

“Yes.  C.”

Left leg straight, right leg bent, foot planted firmly alongside the right hip, but this time, I hook my left shoulder in front of the right knee, and then twist and stretch my left arm around my leg past the front of my body, right hand looping behind my back, grappling for my fingers, upper body twisting, twisting, back upright, breathe, breathe, back upright, twist, look over right shoulder.  My ujjayi breath (breathing into the back of the throat, mouth closed, creating a soft hissing, noise) getting louder and louder.  All the while Prem is rolling my hip to the floor, shoulder back, moulding me into position, “Breathe” he instructs.  And I do.  With each breath I get further and further around and I can feel it resonating through my chest, the steam rising from my body (it was bloody humid today)…It felt amazing.  “Good, good”  I released, smiling with his encouragement.  Left side…same again…but feels tighter in my chest, a little harder to breathe.  Its intense this one, can envisage another breakthrough of sorts before too long.

D.  Ahh, I like D.  It reminds me of the twists in my yoga class with Jeremy.  I feel great comfort from poses I recognise.  Not only is it less daunting, but I can also see how far I’ve progressed.  There are so many challenges each day, with new poses, varying levels of energy, the heat, that sometimes you forget where you started.  Not a bad thing I suppose, but isn’t it nice every now and again, to just look back and see how far you’ve come.   It makes the now, all that more enjoyable and invigorating.

Anyway – D is still a modification – can’t do lotus remember, but I get to bend my right leg, and plant my foot firmly alongside the left knee, left foot tucked into groin, and that stretch across my right hip and thigh feels so damn good that it’s virtually impossible not to let out a slightly erotic “ummmmmmm”.   Thankfully, Prem had left me to it by that stage…

This week is feeling like a very good week indeed.  I watched Warrior last night and fluctuated between crying as if it was the scene in Little Women, when Beth dies, punching my fists into the air and cheering, “GO ON TOMMY!” as if it was the final fight in any of the Rocky, or Van Damme films, and feeling my heart skip a beat whenever Tom Hardy looked particularly tortured or vulnerable.  OMG his tattoos are so ridiculously sexy….And speaking of buff bodies, I finally had the opportunity to speak to the man who’s been distracting me from my practice, with his very small shorts, and amazing muscles – aka Mr Buffalofulous.  I didn’t quite summon up the courage to ask if I could touch him or take his picture, but just like everything else in life – backbends, release of tension in the hips – you have to work up to these things don’t you?  Patience and positive thinking….Patience and positive thinking….

This little world I’m creating for myself is so thoroughly enjoyable that I find myself breaking out into great beaming smiles whenever I pause for just a second.  I’m mystified by the boredom other people around me have started to complain about.  The need to distract myself by doing things all the time, seems to have just slipped away.  There’s so much beauty around us, wherever we are, what is it exactly, that we’re always running away from?